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Brandon Blinn
5 years (Y)
Everett, WA
Excercise Science 4Y
NESTA Certified
Barbell Training 5Y
Powerlifting 8Y
Nutritional Science 5Y
Bootcamp Training 5Y
Fitness Training 5Y
CPR Certified
Former College Athlete

Blinn Fitness is headed by former collegiate football athlete and personal fitness instructor and nutritional coach, Brandon Blinn. Brandon graduated Chadron State College with a Bachelors in Exercise science and has succeeded as a professional fitness trainer for 5 years. Brandon is NESTA certified, and specializes in stamina bootcamps, advanced fitness, and barbell training; implimenting an athletic/strength style of coaching to each client's training.

" I started getting serious about weights the day I entered high school. I knew I wanted to do something that involved lifting weights and helping people. With the advent of internet myths, it inspired me to obtain genuine knowledge effective with personal heatlh and progressive fitness."

Blinn Fitness offers client's an option that supports long-term health benefits and effective fitness habits. The goal here at Blinn Fitness is to offer people healthy lifestyles which have proven to help people's quality of life using education with training making each aware with the importance of the love/hate partnership between physical training and nutrition. Brandon Blinn uses positve attitude and instructional coaching in instructional training which has proven his client's success back-to-back consistantly.

What Clients Our Clients come to us for

Bootcamp Training

Aggressive workouts for those ready to get serious

Nutritional training

Individually curated nutritional training

Individual Training

One-on-one consultation and training for beginners

Group Training

Advanced sessions for those who can keep up

The Difference is in the details


Individual Instruction, Coaching, and consultation for all fitness levels; beginners to intermediate.
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All client's with Blinn Fitness receive individual consultation with optional plans curated to effectively benefit each of our client's particular objectives.


Brandon's training provides client's consistent results because we encourage with results helping improve your quality of life and overall health.

Focused Group Training

Group workouts with Blinn Fitness are different since our particular goal is that of encouragement; helping inspire and elevate eachother in a friendly, teamwork style environment.

Pick a plan!

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Monthly Dietary Plan
Monthly Workout Schedule
24/7 Plan Consulation
Weekly Check-in Sessions
per hour

Minimum 1 Hour Per Session
No Minimum Number of Sessions
No Travel Fee within 30 miles
Dietary Consulation
for 10 sessions

1X Bring-a-buddy Plan
Single Session: $20 per session
per month

Train 1X Per Week
Dietary Consulation
Professional Training Plan
4 Training Sessions each month
per month

Train 2X Per Week
Dietary Consulation
Professional Training Plan
1X Bring-a-buddy Plan
8 Training Sessions each month
per month

Train 3X Per Week
Dietary Consulation
1X Bring-a-buddy Plan
1 VIP Training Sessions
12 Training Sessions each month

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realsuccess from real people

" Five stars
fo sho ! "

" I've been working with Brandon for about 3 weeks now and a week and a half after, I saw so much improvement. I personally was loosing a hope because I was already working with a trainer for a year and saw nothing for the first 6 months. Then I lost about 10% body fat and stopped because he kept me at a constant routine. He gave no meal plans or guides, he would just say, eat this, don't eat that, you have enough body fat to keep you for months to come. Drop the meats and take my protein powders. If you dont bring your written meal plan, I will make you leave my gym. And so on.... Brandon in the other hand, is great! He gives you a full example of a meal plan that works for your body. It's all personal with him. He's actually on your ass to help you get to were you want to be without loosing his cool or making you loose yours. It feels good to work out with someone who is always happy and is ready to help and answer any questions or concerns without judging. His work outs are always different and motivating. He spikes up your health and self esteem. He deserves more than 5 stars fosho! " [. . .]

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" The best shape
of my life

" I feel very blessed that Brandon has come into my life. He is an amazing trainer! He is not only getting Me into the best shape of my life, but he also developed an eating plan and has taught me about better eating and nutrition. If that's not enough he helps keep me accountable and is so encouraging. If you are looking to get in shape I highly recommend Brandon... you won't regret it! " [. . .]

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" So excited by
the progress "

" Best trainer ever! Brandon inspires you to be your best self! So excited by the progress we have made under Brandon's guidance. Still work to be done but Brandon will help you with every along the way! " [. . .]

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" Blinn goes
above and beyond what's expected "

" Brandon Blinn goes above and beyond what's expected of personal fitness trainers. He is very personable and truly cares about those he works with. I currently live on the opposite side of the country yet I feel like he's here with me. Brandon knows his stuff and has a really passion for helping people achieve success. I highly recommend his expertise for anyone looking to improve their own quality of life. " [. . .]

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" Saying a lot for a 50 year old woman "

" Brandon Blinn is an awesome trainer!! He is positive and funny and the workouts are tough, but fun and engaging. He also gives sound nutrition advice when asked. I've lost weight and gained muscle in the almost 2 years that I've trained with him, which says a lot for a 50 year old woman!! " [. . .]

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" He's great at what he does every day "

" I've been working with Brandon for about a week and a half now. I've always known how to lift and how to count macros but I have always struggled with keeping myself on track and staying motivated to hit my goals. He texts me every day, looks at what I'm eating every day, helps me when I have questions about particular lifts and has been proud of the work that I've done. He's great at what he does. He's flexible and will be there every step of the way for questions you have. Highly recommended! " [. . .]

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" More than
5 stars "

" I've been working with Brandon for nearly 2 months now and it has been an amazing journey thus far. He has helped get closer to my goals and continues to do so. Brandon goes above and beyond to make sure you are doing okay and staying on track. He checks in very frequently and will answer any questions you have, day or night. I can honestly say that I have never met someone with so much passion and dedication to helping people. He's not only there to tell you what you need to do, but is also there to support you along the way and will do anything he can to help make it easier for you. To me he isn't just a trainer or nutritionist anymore, I've grown to consider him a friend. And if I could I would give him more stars because he is incredible. I highly recommend Brandon to anyone looking to take it to the next level. Its been a real pleasure working with him during my transformation and I will continue to do so in the months ahead! " [. . .]

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" My perfect trainer "

" I've been training with Brandon for nearly 3 months now. So far, I've lost 22 pounds and a total of 21 inches. Brandon's workout and meal plans are a roadmap to success. He's committed and dedicated to seeing progress. His positive attitude and passion for fitness motivates me to want to put in the necessary work to accomplish my goals. If you're looking for a trainer, Brandon is the guy to see! " [. . .]

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" A great motivator and trainer "

" I've never really enjoyed working out and I was never a fan of going to the gym. But since I've been training with Brandon, my love for fitness and exercise has grown extremely. He's a great motivator and an awesome teacher. He makes sure my form and lifting techniques are on point and is always correcting me if they aren't. When I want to give up, he pushes me to keep going. You can see that he truly wants success for each of his clients and enjoys seeing them conquer their goals. " [. . .]

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" Energetic and supportive !"

" Brandon is awesome! I've been with him for almost a month now, and I'm already seeing amazing results and feel so much better about myself. Everytime I see him he's had a smile on his face, even on a rainy Sunday morning! He's so energetic and supportive, and he really pushes you to do your best, and then some! I've never felt like he's given me something I couldn't achieve, but he always encourages me (very enthusiastically) to keep going even when I am struggling. The meal & workout plans are awesome, and totally doable. And he's always there when I have questions. Starting with Brandon is easily one of the best choices I've made in terms of my health and reaching my goals! " [. . .]

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" My perfect trainer "

" I started training with Brandon in January 2015. I had clear goals in mind, lose fat and weight and gain strength. Turned out Brandon was the perfect trainer for me." [. . .]

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" I thank Brandon every day "

" Along with his unmatched passion he has the education and knowledge of what it takes to be a personal trainer, and boy does he know how to get the best out of you. Considering myself stubborn, patience was a big key for my weight loss. Brandon shows the utmost respect and patience when it comes to the entire process, while he did push it to my limit at some points he still manages to do it in a professional and considerate matter that you cant even get frustrated or even notice at points due to his uncanny passion. " [. . .]

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" A great motivator "

" Brandon is knowledgeable, passionate about fitness, and committed to helping his clients meet their personal goals." [. . .]

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" He'll whip you into shape! "

Being a group fitness instructor and having worked at multiple gyms, I have been around A LOT of trainers and worked with many. I can 100% say that Brandon is the best of the best. [. . .]

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" He will guide you through your goals "

" Every time I got a workout in with him he challenged me to my limits and not anyone can do that. He's passionate and he's spirited." [. . . ]

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" Start your goals with this guy! "

" One of the most knowledgeable trainers out there. Has a great passion for researching, training, and the overall fitness lifestyle unlike any trainer." [. . .]

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